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The New York Diagnosis

Can you guess the 3 principal beauty concerns of New Yorkers?

Can you guess the 3 principal beauty concerns of New Yorkers? After over a full week on duty, our nutritionists speak up.


Beauty Dose 3B: Age Defense

More or less surprisingly, aging gracefully and beautifully is the top priority of most women and men living in New York City, according to recent feedback we got on the field.

In a city-on-speed like Manhattan, we are drawn to push our body to the edge, and it’s very easy go overboard. We work hard and play even harder – and before we know, 10 years have gone by and the damage is… visible.

7 of our products are specially designed to promote optimal health and beauty in the process of aging

As our inbox gets flooded with ads for the miracle diet, and images of ‘best celeb beach bodies’ take more than 50% of content in daily mags, it’s easy to understand our collective obsession with the skinny.

With modern and stressful lifestyles, eating well has become a challenging task. We either eat too few of what is essential to sustain normal metabolic functions, or we engulf too much of what is not really needed. Either /or, the results are: non-optimal metabolism, augmentation of fat tissues and increased stress level.

2 of our products address healthy weight management.


Ambition through the roof, pressure of performance and extreme endurance are common traits to most New Yorkers. They are also synonymous to stress and anxiety.

The funny thing is, when you’re the most relaxed, ‘ZEN’, is often when you are most productive at work because you’re able to focus – it’s also when your personal relationships bloom. Health starts with a peaceful state of mind.

4 of our products help support the body’s natural defenses against stress.